6-Month e-Gift Certificate and Tool Kit


Choose a gift that truly keeps on giving: our 6-Month e-Gift Certificate.

Offering half a year of creative exploration reflects your deep care for the child’s creative journey and offers parents the joy of seeing their child develop and thrive.

Effortlessly ordered, deeply appreciated.

The 6-Month e-Gift Certificate is our most comprehensive offering, designed to unlock a child’s creative potential fully. By gifting six months of our creative thinking program, you’re not just giving a present—you’re investing in a child’s future, providing them with the tools, resources, and inspiration to explore, create, and learn through our enriching creative thinking program.

Personal, Eco-Friendly Gifting: Offering the same personalization and eco-friendly benefits as our shorter-term options, this Certificate allows you to convey a profound message of support and belief in the recipient’s creative potential, directly to their inbox or through a personal handoff.

Unmatched Creative Journey: A 6-Month e-Gift Certificate is an investment in a child’s future, granting them the full experience of our creative program. It’s a gesture that shows immense care and dedication to fostering creativity, problem-solving, and joy.

Flexibility & Value: This gift doesn’t just last longer; it also opens doors to a broader creative journey, allowing the recipient to delve deeper into their creative pursuits. The value can be applied to any plan, accommodating their creative needs.

How It Works:

  1. Purchase the Certificate: Opt for the 6-Month e-Gift Certificate for a meaningful commitment to creativity.
  2. Customize and Send: Decide on the delivery method—direct to the recipient or to yourself, add your personalized message and send.
  3. Easy Redemption: Recipients enjoy a straightforward process, using their unique code at checkout or as credit for future use on a journey of exploration and learning

With the 6-Month e-Gift Certificate, you gift not just activities, but a transformative experience that nurtures creativity, confidence, and joy. It’s an extraordinary way to support a loved one’s growth and exploration, offering more than just fun— it’s a journey into the heart of creativity.

For those beginning their gifting journey or seeking a shorter commitment, our 1-Month and 3-Month e-Gift Certificates provide flexible, thoughtful alternatives to inspire creativity at any level.