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Boost Reputation. Better Enrollment.

For Schools

Boost Reputation.

Better Enrollment.

What is ActivityBox?

A creative development program for home learning that nurtures creative thinking and develops children’s core skills over 6 months

We help your children become a Creator and have a ton of fun while doing it!

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School Benefits of ActivityBox


Power up your reputation

Boost your school’s reputation through young students graduating and enrolling into top Primary Schools. ActivityBox is designed to help children get a head start on early learning success, empowering them to keep on learning.


Champion your student’s and their parents’ dream

Help your students achieve their dream of being the best, thanks to recommending a creative learning program that augments your students’ creative thinking while being fun and exciting to complete outside of school.


No minimum order quantity, plus free shipping

Take advantage of no minimum order quantity and free shipping in Hong Kong. We understand school budget constraints intimately, so you can order just one box or as many as you need, and we’ll deliver to your school free of charge.


No logistics, no inventory management

You do not need to take care of any inventory. We can ship ActivityBox directly to your student’s home (with parental permission).


Streamlined ordering process

Our streamlined purchasing system makes sure you don’t waste time filling out unnecessary details. You can purchase our creative learning program online or offline. We accept different payment methods, including credit cards, wire transfers, and checks.


Professional support team

Ask us any questions about ActivityBox, and we will be happy to answer them, providing you a worry-free experience with purchasing our program. Our professional support team is always on hand to help you and your students’ parents directly.

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Why ActivityBox?

Designed and developed by an experienced educator of early childhood learning and mother, ActivityBox themes, activities, and principles draw on years of teaching children from 2 to 10 years old, and a deep international understanding of kindergarten and primary school curricula.

Think Creatively and Solve Problems the Fun Way

Each themed box comes with four activities that engage children’s imaginations and core skills whilst teaching them to think creatively and solve problems through fun.

Home Preparation for the Whole School Year

Assist parents in helping their children leap ahead by recommending ActivityBox for home learning the fun way. The boxes will get children learning, thinking, creating, and having fun. And they will love sharing their enthusiasm for learning with their classmates throughout the year.

Comprehensive Instructions for Learning at Home

ActivityBox comes with a detailed parents’ guide that can be used by all parents and caregivers to guide children through the projects. Illustrated directions for children are easy to follow, so they can complete the activities on their own, too.

Home-based Creative Learning Fun for Young Children

Children from ages 3 to 6 will love the fun-filled activities of ActivityBox. Each task is tailored to capture a young learner’s attention and ensure fun, inspiration, and enjoyment when learning at home.

Different Ages and Skill Levels Catered for even at Home

ActivityBox is crafted to cater to the different skill levels of young learners. The specially-designed tier system provides a foundational starting point for young children, systematically consolidating and progressing their learned skills.

Self-contained Projects for Home Learning

No fuss, no extra work, no extra costs — all the materials, guidance, and “graduation certificates” needed for each project are inside the box!

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A Program That Builds the Foundation for Creative Thinking

We understand that each child is unique, which is why our approach caters to different ages and stages of development.

Whether you have a 4-year-old with endless curiosity, a 8-year-old bursting with imagination, or your child is somewhere in between, our program offers the perfect blend of support and stimulation.


Mastering Tools

Mastering tools is a pivotal first step in the journey of creativity.


Developing Skills

Developing core skills is essential for creative thinking and problem-solving.


Solving Problems

Challenging children to think outside the box encourages innovative solutions.


Creating Ideas

Making connections between seemingly unrelated concepts unlocks a world of innovation.

Activating Big Imaginations

Every ActivityBox builds on the core pillars within learning and development. All activities are designed to inspire ideas, experimentation, and making new connections, from cognitive to fine and gross motor skills to math, science, and technology.

Cook like a 5-Star Chef

Spaghetti, pizza, roasted sweetcorn, chicken drumsticks, and more. What goes into a meal? How do you make it delicious? Cook like a 5-Star Chef helps children develop their motor and reading skills, as well as ignite their love for experimentation.

Explore like a Pirate

Arr, matey! Pirates are always off on adventures to mysterious islands to find mysterious treasures. Where will young learners go? What creatures will they encounter? Who will they make friends with? Engage their imagination with Explore like a Pirate.

Care for a Pet

Pets are curious companions. They love to find out what’s over there and over here, and how something moves or works. Which pet does all of this? All of them! Teach children how to care for a pet and watch their love of animals blossom with Caring for a Pet.

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Measure Results the Fun Way at Home!

Each box comes with stickers that your students can stick to a graduation certificate to show they’ve completed each course.

Bulk Discounts for School Orders

For an order of 10 or more boxes, you will receive a bulk discount of 20%, and for orders of 20 or more boxes. Compared to ordering individually, your students’ parents could save more than $300!

Along with all orders of any amount, we provide additional professional services and support, from email to telephone or Zoom consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  ActivityBox was created by an experienced young learner’s educator and it is tailored to young children from 4 to 8 years old.

No. ActivityBox is a creative learning program that complements school learning and is designed especially for learning at home with parents and caregivers.

Not at all.  ActivityBox is designed for children to learn at home with parents, grandparents, and caregivers.

Not at all. You do not need to take care of any inventory.  We can handle the logistics for you — we can ship ActivityBox directly to your students’ parents.

We would be happy to provide an in-person demonstration that will help you understand ActivityBox and how it helps children learn creative thinking the fun way.

Yes. Please contact us to further discuss.

Yes. If you are not satisfied with the box for any reason, please email us, and we will refund your payment.

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