Our Program

6 Months / Once per month

ActivityBox delivers a creative development program that nurtures and develops children's core creative thinking skills over a 6-Month do-at-home course

Our Program

6 Months / Once per month

ActivityBox delivers a creative development program that nurtures and develops children's core creative thinking skills over a 6-Month do-at-home course

Creativity is the future.

As technology advances and AI is making big steps – Research shows that creative thinking is the best skill you can give your children early on.

“Creative thinkers become future leaders.” – McKinsey & Co

A 6-Month Creative Thinking Program that Builds Core Skills

ActivityBox delivers a creative development program that builds through each box.

Each component of the Program helps build the foundation for Creative Thinking

We believe in empowering children to think creatively and solve problems with innovative solutions. Mastering tools, developing core skills, and learning to problem-solve while tapping into creative ideas, lay a strong foundation for your child’s creative thinking journey.

Unlock your child’s creative potential starting today.

Creative Thinking Program Activitybox Mastering Tools

Mastering Tools

Mastering tools is a pivotal first step in the journey of creativity. Our program equips children to adeptly handle essential creative instruments – from scissors to paintbrushes – laying the groundwork for bringing their imaginative visions to life.

Children learn to handle and utilise tools like scissors, glue, and paintbrushes. This involves technical proficiency and understanding how to leverage tools creatively to bring their imaginative ideas into reality. Through guided activities, kids discover how tools can be extensions of their creative minds.

Children learn the importance of safely using and caring for their creative tools. They discover safe handling techniques and proper storage methods, fostering respect for their instruments. This knowledge not only ensures a safer creative experience but also teaches responsibility, extending the life of their tools.

By mastering the use of various tools, children not only enhance their ability to create but also build significant confidence in their abilities. As they see their ideas materialize through their own efforts, the sense of achievement fosters self-esteem and the belief in their creative potential.

The ActivityBox Tool Kit is designed to complement our creative thinking program, providing children with everything they need to embark on their creative journey. It includes an array of high-quality, child-friendly tools that are safe, easy to handle, and fun to use.

Developing Core Skills

Our program helps children develop the core skills essential for creative thinking and problem-solving. Through engaging activities that refine fine motor skills, enhance cognitive abilities, and bolster communication, we prepare children to navigate the world with curiosity and confidence.

Activities are designed to refine fine motor skills, enhancing dexterity and hand-eye coordination. The precise movements required in cutting, drawing, and assembling projects strengthen these skills, which are critical for academic and life success.

Our program encourages collaboration and sharing, promoting healthy social interactions and emotional growth. Children learn empathy, teamwork, and the joy of learning found in collaborative creation.

Challenging projects stimulate cognitive development, encouraging problem-solving and critical thinking. The activities spark curiosity and promote a deeper understanding of the world.

Our activities prompt children to articulate ideas, follow instructions, and engage in storytelling. This boosts language development, which is vital for expressing creativity and navigating complex creative tasks.

Creative Thinking Program Activitybox Developing Core Skills
Creative Thinking Program Activitybox Child Problem Solving

Solving Problems

Problem-solving is at the heart of creativity. Our program challenges children to think outside the box, employing experimentation and decision-making to find innovative solutions. We introduce new concepts and techniques that stretch their imagination, teaching them to approach challenges with a creative mindset.

We champion a trial-and-error approach, teaching kids that each mistake is a step closer to innovation, fostering resilience and flexible thinking.

Faced with creative choices, children sharpen their decision-making abilities, learning to navigate challenges independently with thoughtful consideration. Selecting materials, choosing colours, and planning their projects foster independence and critical thinking.

Introducing novel artistic techniques and concepts broadens horizons, encouraging kids to think beyond conventional solutions and sparking creativity.

Focusing on a task from start to finish improves concentration. Our activities are designed to hold children’s interest, teaching them the value of patience and attentiveness, which are crucial for mastering complex creative endeavours.

Creating New Ideas

At ActivityBox, we believe in the power of new ideas. Our activities encourage children to explore unique materials, engage in role-play, and craft their own stories. By making connections between seemingly unrelated concepts, we help children unlock a world of innovation, setting them on a path to becoming the creative pioneers of tomorrow.

Various unconventional materials inspire children to think creatively about their use, leading to unique and original creations.

Role-playing activities immerse children in different scenarios, stimulating their imagination and encouraging them to invent stories and solutions from a new perspective.

Guided storytelling nurtures narrative skills, enabling children to weave their stories and enriching their creative expression and understanding of the world.

Our program helps children make connections between diverse ideas and materials, a foundational skill for creative thinking and problem-solving.

Creative Thinking Program Creating New Ideas

Our Creative Thinking Program scales with different age groups

We understand that each child is unique, which is why our approach caters to different ages and stages of development.

Whether you have a 4-year-old with endless curiosity, a 7-year-old bursting with imagination, or your child is somewhere in between, our program offers the perfect blend of support and stimulation.

Ages 4 – 5

Exploring and Mastering Basics

At this stage, children delight in discovering how to use basic tools. They learn safe handling and care, which fosters their independence and confidence as they see their creative ideas take shape with the ActivityBox Tool Kit.

Fine motor skills are honed through playful activities, enhancing dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Social and emotional development is supported as children engage in collaborative projects, learning empathy and teamwork.

Exposure to unique materials and structured play activities sparks imagination, helping children to craft simple stories and begin making connections between their ideas and the world around them.

Mastering tools involves becoming proficient in using tools like scissors and paintbrushes,
and also understanding how these tools can be used to create something new and solve problems.

Ages 6 – 7

Expanding Creativity and Problem-Solving

Children become more adept with tools, undertaking projects that require greater precision. Their growing confidence is evident as they tackle more complex creations with the ActivityBox Tool Kit.

Cognitive abilities and language skills are further enhanced. Children are more articulate, able to follow complex instructions, and engage in more sophisticated storytelling and problem-solving.

Children are encouraged to explore their creativity with more autonomy, using unique materials to express complex ideas and narratives, fostering a rich imagination and innovative thinking.

Mastering tools involves becoming proficient in using tools like scissors and paintbrushes,
and also understanding how these tools can be used to create something new and solve problems.

Ages 8+

Refining Skills and Independent Creation

Older children use tools with high proficiency, executing detailed projects that reflect their refined skills and creative vision, supported by the ActivityBox Tool Kit.

Fine motor skills, cognitive development, and communication abilities are well-developed, allowing for advanced project work that challenges their capabilities and enhances their learning.

At this stage, children apply advanced problem-solving strategies, independently exploring and implementing innovative solutions with minimal guidance.

They engage in complex role-play and storytelling, making sophisticated connections between diverse ideas. Their creations reflect a deep understanding of the materials and concepts introduced, showcasing their readiness to be the creative pioneers of tomorrow.

Supported by Research

We developed the ActivityBox program based on scientific studies in how creative thinking is learned, and customer feedback. Crucial insight gained from these analyses, pedagogical research, and firsthand classroom educator experience informed our development of ActivityBox.

Creative Thinking Program Supported-by-Research

Develop Your Child’s Creative Thinking Skills in 3 Easy Steps


1. Choose Your Plan

Enjoy the Creative Thinking Program at your own pace. Choose a Monthly, 3-Month, or 6-Month plan. Pause or cancel at any time.


2. Delivered Monthly

New themes and activities are delivered straight to your door. Anticipate the surprise of a new fun-filled ActivityBox every month.


3. Explore and Create

Spend quality time with your child exploring new ideas, solving problems, and developing their creative thinking skills.

Receive a Surprise Every Month

Every box includes four activities based on a new theme that will delight and inspire children.

Spectacular Activities

All materials your children need to start immediately learning creative thinking the fun way!

Comprehensive Parents’ Guide

Use this guide to steer your children through the creative thinking course.

Children’s Instruction Booklet

An illustrated, step-by-step guide to help your children get started right away.

Fun “Graduation” Certificate

Celebrate your children’s achievement in a fun way.

Creative Backdrops

Share the fun and joy of learning.

Comprehensive Parent Guide
Includes Children's Instructions-Booklet
Graduation Certificate
Includes Creative Backdrops

Celebrate your Children’s “Graduation” the Fun Way!

Every theme comes with a certificate of acheivment. Reward your child for every project they complete by adding a sticker. Complete all four projects and award their certificate. Display for all to see and celebrate together!

Creative Thinking Certificate - Celebrate your child's acheivement

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ActivityBox program adapt to my child’s growing skills?

Our creative thinking program is thoughtfully structured to evolve with your child. Starting with simpler tasks that build basic skills, the activities gradually become more complex, offering deeper learning and more challenging projects as your child progresses.

What if we miss a month; will we fall behind?

Each ActivityBox is designed to offer standalone value while contributing to the overall program’s learning objectives. Missing a month won’t disrupt your child’s development journey. Plus, our flexible subscription options allow you to pause and resume as needed.

Is the program suitable for all skill levels?

Yes! ActivityBox caters to a wide range of skill levels, providing clear instructions and varying levels of challenge to engage and inspire children at different stages of their developmental journey.

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