Choose a Monthly, 3-Month, or 6-Month plan

Pause or cancel at any time


Choose a Monthly, 3-Month, or 6-Month plan

Pause or cancel at any time

Flexible Plans to Fit Your Schedule

Enjoy the Creative Thinking Program at your own pace. Choose a monthly, 3-month, or 6-Month plan. Pause or cancel at any time.

Choose the Plan that Works for You

Enjoy the Creative Thinking Program at your own pace.

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Why ActivityBox?

Designed and developed by an experienced educator of early childhood learning and mother, ActivityBox themes, activities, and principles draw on years of teaching children from 2 to 10 years old, and a deep international understanding of kindergarten and primary school curricula.

Think Creatively and Solve Problems the Fun Way

Each themed box comes with four hands-on activities that engage children’s imaginations and core skills whilst teaching them to think creatively and solve problems through fun.

Home Preparation for the Whole School Year

Parents can help their children leap ahead using ActivityBox for home learning the fun way. The boxes will get children learning, thinking, creating, and having fun. And they will love sharing their enthusiasm for learning with their classmates throughout the year.

Comprehensive Instructions for Learning

ActivityBox comes with a detailed parents’ guide that can be used by all parents and caregivers to guide children through the projects. Illustrated directions for each project are easy for children to follow, so they can complete the activities on their own, too.

Home-based Creative Learning Fun for Young Children

Children from ages 4 to 8+ will love the fun-filled activities of ActivityBox. Each task is tailored to capture a young learner’s attention and ensure fun, inspiration, and enjoyment when learning at home.

Different Ages and Skill Levels Catered for

ActivityBox is crafted to cater to the different skill levels of young learners. The specially-designed tier system provides a foundational starting point for young children, systematically consolidating and progressing their learned skills.

Self-contained Projects

No fuss, no extra work, no extra costs — all the materials, guidance, and “graduation certificates” needed for each project are inside the box!

Achieve More with the Complete Program

The results after one month, three months, and six months are notable.

1-Month Plan Creative Thinking Program Benefits
3-Month Plan Creative Thinking Program Benefits
6-Month Plan Creative Thinking Program Benefits

Activating Big Imaginations

Every ActivityBox builds on the core pillars within learning and development helping children develop the core skills essential for creative thinking and problem-solving. All activities are designed to inspire ideas, experimentation, and making new connections.

Cook like a 5-Star Chef

Spaghetti, pizza, chicken drumsticks, and veggies. What goes into a meal? How do you make it delicious? Preparing meals like a 5-Star Chef helps children develop their motor and reading skills, as well as ignite their love for experimentation.

Explore like a Pirate

Arr, matey! Pirates are always off on adventures to mysterious islands to find mysterious treasures. Where will young learners go? What characters will they encounter? Who will they make friends with? Engage their imagination with Explore like a Pirate.

Care for a Pet

Pets are curious companions. They love to find out what’s over there and over here, and how something moves or works. Which pet does all of this? All of them! Teach children how to care for a pet and watch their love of animals blossom with our Pets ActivityBox.

Hear What Parents Have To Say

ActivityBox helped grow & develop creativity in my sons. So much better than the random painting and drawing that we did so often. Thank you!

Diana G.

The convenience of everything together and ready to go made easy to get started. Such a time saver!

Tanya C.

Loving ActivityBox! I was a kiwico subscriber but prefer to support a local Hong Kong business.

Anjali D.

We are a “reduced waste” family and I thank you for eco friendly matatierals and packaging. Love the invisible bag!

Mary S.

The kids love it and gives us a nice break from the routine. Great way for us all to spend time together away from screens!

Richard W.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Art Toolkit is packed with over 20 premium, child-friendly tools essential for completing the projects. It’s highly recommended as it complements the ActivityBox, enhancing the creative experience. The 6-month subscription includes the Toolkit for free, offering the best value.

Our 3 and 6-month plans are designed to maximize your investment by providing discounts on the total cost and the Art Toolkit. The 6-month plan, in particular, offers the greatest savings and includes the Toolkit for free, ensuring your child enjoys the full range of our program’s benefits without any additional costs.

Absolutely! We understand that flexibility is key for families. You can upgrade or modify your subscription plan at any time to better suit your needs, ensuring that the ActivityBox experience always aligns with your child’s developmental journey and your family’s schedule.

If you have more than one creative thinker at home simply add one of our Additional Materials Plans to your order. With our unique “no-fight” guarantee and the convenience of free shipping, it’s never been easier to ensure every child in your home can explore their potential.