3-Month Plan

$788 / month for 3 Months

Embrace a journey of creativity and save. At $2,558, our 3-Month Plan offers a balance of engagement and savings, including a 50% discount on the Tool Kit – perfect for families ready to deepen their creative exploration.

Choose the 3-Month Plan for a commitment to creativity that’s flexible yet rewarding, including free shipping for an even greater value on our enriching creative thinking program.

  • Significant savings
  • Balanced commitment
  • Enriching creative exploration

Our 3-Month Plan strikes the perfect chord between commitment and flexibility, inviting your family to partake in the first half of our enriching 6-month creative journey for just $2,558. This plan not only secures your spot in a world of imaginative play and learning but also offers incredible value with significant savings and a 50% discount on our comprehensive Toolkit.

Each month, your child will dive into a curated selection of projects designed to inspire wonder, spark curiosity, and develop crucial skills for the future. Our activities encourage parent-child collaboration, turning each project into an opportunity for bonding and shared discovery.

Choose the 3-Month Plan for:

  • A commitment to creativity that’s flexible yet rewarding.
  • Significant savings on our creative thinking program and Toolkit.
  • A journey through hands-on learning that nurtures creativity, problem-solving, and joy in learning.
  • Plus, enjoy the added convenience and savings with free shipping on every box, ensuring your child’s creative journey begins the moment you order, without any extra cost.

We understand life’s little surprises. That’s why our 3-Month Plan offers the flexibility to pause and restart your subscription at any moment—no hassle, no fuss, just contact us, and we’ll handle the details for you.

Immerse deeper into creativity with our 6-Month Plan. Enjoy the full spectrum of our program, greater savings, and a complimentary Toolkit to fully equip your child’s creative journey.

Inspired by our commitment to creativity, connectivity, and conscientiousness, these plans are designed to meet the diverse needs of families while ensuring that every child embarks on a journey of discovery and innovation. Our creative thinking program, grounded in our belief in the power of fun, hands-on activities, aims to prepare children for a future where creativity is their greatest asset.

Join our welcoming community of Activity Box families and start your child on the path to creative thinking the fun way.