3-Month e-Gift Certificate and Tool Kit


Extend your care and thoughtfulness with a 3-Month e-Gift Certificate.

This gift of continuous creativity and learning supports the child’s growth while showing parents your commitment to their child’s development.

Simple for you, transformative for them.

Transform special occasions into a season of creativity with our 3-Month e-Gift Certificate. This thoughtful gift extends the enjoyment of the ActivityBox and Tool Kit for three full months, covering half of our enriching creative thinking program. It encourages a deeper dive into creativity, problem-solving, and fun learning.

Lasting Impact: Choosing the 3-Month e-Gift Certificate means offering not just a gift but a continuous journey of discovery and development, enhancing the recipient’s creative skills over a longer period.

Effortless Gifting Made Personal & Eco-Friendly: Similar to the one-month option, this Certificate can be emailed directly to the recipient with a personalized message or sent to you for a hand-delivered surprise. It’s an environmentally friendly gesture that profoundly impacts a child’s creative development and joy.

Flexibility & Value: This gift doesn’t just last longer; it also opens doors to a broader creative journey, allowing the recipient to delve deeper into their creative pursuits. The value can be applied to any plan, accommodating their creative needs.

How It Works:

  1. Purchase the Certificate: Opt for the 3-Month e-Gift Certificate for a meaningful commitment to creativity.
  2. Customize and Send: Decide on the delivery method—direct to the recipient or to yourself, add your personalized message and send.
  3. Easy Redemption: Recipients enjoy a straightforward process, using their unique code at checkout or as credit for future use on a journey of exploration and learning

By choosing the 3-Month e-Gift Certificate, you’re not just giving a gift; you’re offering a pathway to creativity that lasts well beyond the initial excitement, fostering skills and memories that grow with each box. Ideal for those who cherish the impact of a thoughtful, sustained creative experience.

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