Why Subscribe to ActivityBox?

It’s Educational

Our expert-designed activities foster essential fine motor skills and prepare for success in math, reading and writing.

It’s Convenient

All the materials and ideas you need for hands-on activities are delivered to you, saving you a trip to the art supplies store and time planning and searching for ideas.

It’s Fun

Our boxes get your child “off the screen” designing, cutting, gluing, assembling and playing with the things they create, unleashing their curiosity and creativity.

The early years are a critical time for developing lifelong skills

When kids use their fingers to manipulate art materials they are developing their fine motors skills as they use those small muscles in their hands. Their bilateral coordination skills improve as they learn to use both hands at the same time.

All this happens when they paint, colour, glue and cut. The quicker their fine motors skills develop the more they can do on their own, from eating by themselves to tying their own shoelaces, to holding a pencil and learning to write.

Improving literacy skills through art and crafts cover a wide range of areas – from speaking and reading to listening and understanding. When kids make art or crafts they get to talk about their work which develops their communication skills. They learn new vocabulary from parents and use their listening and reading skills when following instructions.

Get your child started with math skills learning about and recognizing different shapes, counting and sorting their art supplies and even measuring out lengths and sizes of art materials.

By helping your child develop their creativity you allow for self-expression and cope with their feelings. It also fosters mental growth by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, new ways of thinking and problem-solving.

Art and crafts child development

Created by a Child Development Expert

All activities are created in Hong Kong by our founder Julie Stockdale, an experienced early childhood teacher and mother, and are designed to cater to the developmental needs of small children.

Each ActivityBox contains fun opportunities to cut, glue, assemble, imagine, follow instructions and even create special, one-of-a-kind toys. Children will master essential skills and build confidence – with you as their partner in development.

In children, creativity develops from their experiences with the process, rather than concern for the finished product. Creativity is not to be confused with talent, skill, or intelligence. Creativity is not about doing something better than others, it is about thinking, exploring, discovering, and imagining.” – Mary Ann Kohl

Save Time Researching and Buying Supplies

You’ll love that everything comes to your door and you and your child can start right away!

All the materials and ideas you need for hands-on activities are delivered to you, saving time searching for ideas and a trip to the art supplies store for materials.

With a monthly subscription, you can simply sit back and wait for fun, educational experiences to arrive on your doorstep every month.

If you’re looking for fun, educational activities to entertain your kids, but are tired of spending time and money trekking all over town for supplies, the ActivityBox team delivers creative hands-on activities that you can do at home with your child.” – Playtimes Magazine

Get your kids “off the screen”

Our activities are designed to expose children to a range of fun and stimulating adventures. From painting with ice to designing and painting their own wooden toys, kids and adults alike will love the unique and exciting experiences that ActivityBox provides.

Each month we introduce a new theme to the boxes, allowing your children to discover a range of exciting topics. Once completed, our activities become not just a piece of handicraft but something children can further engage with – a toy, a bracelet, or even a real potted plant.

Kids just love to spend time with their parents and what better way than to do arts and crafts together! You get to spend quality time bonding with your kids and at the same time, you are creating lifelong memories to cherish.