Rainy Day Pompom Race

Blow away rainy day blues with a pompom race!

Kids stuck inside on a rainy day? Or just too hot to go out and rather stay in and chill with the kids?

Let’s race pompoms!

All you need are some pompoms and a straw and your kids are good to go! No pompoms? No problem! Just crinkle up paper into small balls or even use a cotton ball or feather if you have one!

The fun is all in the blowing with the straw!

There are several games you can play for hours of fun at home on a rainy day.

Have fun!

What you need: Rainy Day Pompom Race

  • Pompoms or cotton balls
  • Straws
  • String, ribbon or tape

  • Dice (optional)

Step 1: Prepare your supplies

  • Take out pompoms and straws
  • If you don’t have pompoms, crinkle up paper into small balls or use cotton balls or feathers
  • Tape down a piece of string or ribbon on the table or floor to form a start and finish line

Step 2: Practice blowing pompoms

  • Practice blowing the pompom with the straw.
  • Try to blow behind the pompom and not on top of it to maintain control!
  • Can you blow the pompom left, then right, then straight ahead?
  • Can you blow a pompom from the starting line across the finish line?

Step 3: Race pompoms

  • The first game is to blow all your pompoms across the finish line
  • Each player chooses a pompom colour and take turns blowing
  • The winner is the one who gets their pompom across the line first
  • For more fun roll the dice and blow the number of time shown on the dice