Our Approach
Discover. Make. Play.

Our Approach
Discover. Make. Play.

Develop the Foundation for Creative Thinking

ActivityBox delivers a creative development program that nurtures creative thinking and develops children’s core skills over a course of 6 months.

Learn Creative Thinking




Discover, Explore, Master

Discover the foundation of creative thinking by mastering new ideas, materials and tools!

Design, Create, Build

Understand what works and what doesn’t by investigating and experimenting with ideas and objects!

Role Play, Story-telling, Making Connections

Practice and consolidate acquired skills and knowledge to make new connections, explore actions, roles, relationships and situations!

A Learning Program that Builds through Each Box

Build your children’s foundation for creative learning, problem-solving, and higher-level creative thinking through our three-pillar program.




Discover new Ideas, Materials and Tools that stimulate creative thinking.

Your children learn about decision-making, concentration, and experimentation, as well as new concepts and techniques.

Your children make new connections, and explore actions, roles, and situations.

Designed to Adapt to Different Ages and Skills

Help your children acquire and reinforce essential skills at varying complexity levels.

Creative Thinking

Color usage
Conceptual understanding
Following instructions

Problem Solving

Generate solutions

Motor Skills


It’s Different Every Month

Every box is a surprise! Each box comes with a different theme – from Pirate to Pets to Restaurant and more. Each concept is sure to captivate and activate your children’s imaginations and help them learn creative thinking the fun way.