Frozen dinosaur egg

Some people say dinosaurs are extinct. But we know better!

If you are looking for a fun way for your child to cool off during a hot summer day try our Frozen Dinosaur Egg activity from our Dinosaur Activity Box.

All you need are some small toy dinosaurs and a balloon filled with water that you freeze overnight. The next day get ready for squeals and screams of delight from your child as they hatch their own dinosaur from its frozen egg!

There are baby dinosaurs frozen in their eggs just waiting to be hatched by your child!

Repeat the activity over and over this Summer!

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What you need:

  • Dinosaur toys
  • Balloons

  • Water
  • Freezer-safe bowl

First make the your dinosaur eggs

  • Take out your plastic dinosaur toys and balloons
  • Choose the 2 smallest dinos and put one into each balloon.
  • Tip: put 2 fingers inside the balloon right to the bottom, pull apart and have your child drop in a dinosaur.
  • Fill the balloons with water by putting the entire opening around a tap.
  • Hold the top of the balloon tightly around the tap while very slowly turning on the water.
  • Fill it to the size of a large orange. Let out all the air and tie in a knot. (Check for leaks!)
  • Put them in a bowl in the freezer overnight.

Frozen dinosaur supplies

Frozen dinosaur supplies

Then Hatch your frozen dinosaurs!

  • After the eggs have frozen put them into a large bowl.
  • Let your child hold each “egg”. Can they describe how it feels? Is it cold, hard, round?
  • Cut the knot off the end of the balloon and help your child peel it off the ice.
  • What can you see? Is the dinosaur frozen in ice?
  • Open as many as you want and put them into a large bowl so you can have a good look at them.
  • How long will it take for the ice to melt and the dinosaurs to be free?

Frozen dinosaur supplies

Frozen dinosaur supplies

Add water to the bowl to speed up the melting process!

  • Help your child move the egg gently in the water.
  • To make it go even faster add warm water and pour some over the egg!

Frozen dinosaur supplies

My dinosaur hatched!