Easy Halloween DIY earbud skeleton activity for kids age 3 – 8!

Get the whole family into the “spirit” of Halloween with this fun hands-on activity you can do at home with your kids.

Easy Halloween DIY Earbud Skeleton

Leading up to Halloween your kids will see skeletons on the TV and in the shops. Some of their friends may even dress up in a skeleton costume on Halloween night!

This is a great activity to introduce them to “friendly skeletons” while practising their fine motor skills at home.

Let’s make your Easy Halloween DIY Earbud Skeleton!

You will need the Easy Halloween DIY Skeleton Template, black paper, earbuds, scissors and white glue.

For little-ones age 3 – 5, you can help them place the earbud “bones” on the template and do the cutting for them. Kids age 6 – 8 can do the whole activity themselves with adult supervision.

This activity is easy to set up and has a low “messiness” factor!

So let’s get started!

What you need:

  • Scissors
  • White glue

Step 1: Practice placing the skeleton’s bones

  • Print your Easy Halloween DIY Skeleton Template
  • Practice placing the earbud “bones” on the template
  • Use the full-length earbuds for the spine, legs and arms
  • Can you name the different parts of the skeleton body?

Step 2: Cut the pieces the right size

  • Use the template to measure the earbuds against the bones and cut them the correct length
  • Measure the ribs and cut. Repeat with the rest of the skeleton
  • For the fingers, just snip off the tips of the cotton buds!

Step 3: Cut out the skeleton’s head

  • Cut out the skull from the template
  • Glue it to the top of the black paper

Step 4: Complete your earbud skeleton

  • Now complete the skeleton on the black paper using the template as a guide
  • You can glue your skeleton together or keep the bones loose and build it again and again like a puzzle

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