DIY Halloween Decorations Ghost Tassels


DIY Halloween decorations in Hong Kong with kids!

Decorating our house in Hong Kong for Halloween is something my daughter and I love to do together. We enjoy making decorations as well as buying a few new ones each year. We definitely stick to fun DIY’s that are quick and easy to make.

So when our friends at Sassy Mama asked us to for some fun ideas for DIY Halloween decorations, I got right on it! This year I was looking for a friendly looking ghost, and finally, I found the perfect one… the Ghost Tassels. (Tip: string several together to make bunting!)

And as a bonus, you probably have all of these supplies on hand at home already. If you’re missing some items, you can check out your local Jusco Living Plaza which was where I picked up my white wool from at $12 a bundle … what a bargain!

Let’s get crafting!

What you need to make DIY Halloween Decorations: Ghastly Ghost Tassels:

  • White wool or string
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • A piece of firm cardboard about 15cm x 12cm

  • Black permanent marker. You can use black paint if you don’t have a black marker
  • For the cardboard cut a piece from a cardboard box or cereal box

Step 1: Take out your materials

Check the list above and make sure you have all the materials. Then prepare a work area for you and your child.

And get ready to have fun!

Step 2: Cut out cardboard and wrap wool

Use the ruler and pencil to draw a 4 X 5-inch rectangle on your piece of cardboard. Cut out your shape. Wrap the wool around the card 20 times and cut it in line with the bottom of the card. (You can secure the wool with a piece of clear tape to make it easier for kids.)

Make sure it’s snug, but not too tight that the card starts to bend. To make fatter ghosts, wrap the wool around the card 30 times. To make different lengths of ghosts, just make your piece of card longer, 5 or 6 inches.)


Step 3: Cut another piece of wool and tie

Now cut a piece of wool 30cm long. (Lot’s of great measurement and math practice here for your child!)

Slip it carefully under the wrapped wool. Tie a double knot in the middle of the wool. Each knot needs to be very tight so you’ll have to help your kiddo here.

Step 4: Remove wool from cards

Carefully remove the wrapped wool from the card. You’ll have to do this by pushing it along bit by bit alternating from top to bottom. (This will test your child’s patience and fine motor skills!)

Put down your wool so that the loose string is at the top of the oval shape of wool.

Step 5: Tie wool around “head”

Cut another piece of wool! This time, 20cm long to make the head of our ghost. Tie a tight, double knot around the top 1/4 of the wool.

Now our wool is starting to take shape into a ghost, we have the head! Using the tail of this piece, wrap it around a few times to create the neck.

Tie it in a double knot and trim any loose ends.

Step 6: Cut through the loops

Now simply cut through all the loops to create a tassel effect.

The DIY Halloween decorations are starting to come together!

Step 7: Add a face and you are done!

On the opposite of your ‘neck’ knot, draw on two eyes and a mouth using a permanent marker.

Boo!! Aren’t they just the cutest! Use the strings on top to hang your ghost around the house!

Thanks again to our friends as Sassymama for asking us to make more fun DIY Halloween decorations. Here is a link to view on Sassymama.

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Happy Halloween and Happy crafting!

~ Miss Julie