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Valentine’s Heart Craft You Can Make At Home

I just love Valentine’s Day crafts, they are definitely my favourite! There is so much you can do with a heart shape! You can turn them into flowers, leaves, love bugs or create simple art with just the shape of a heart.

Valentine’s kids craft hearts are a simple and easy DIY but it’s so effective. (And perfect for all ages!)

You can paint with any colour and use a variety of items to create texture in the paint. I ended up experimenting and made 3 different ones. You can even just paint around the heart with a paintbrush. I did that and then took a toothpick and made swirly patterns in my paint. A fork would also work to make straight lines or wavy lines.

The second one I did was stamped with a sponge but my favourite is still the dots we made with baby cotton buds. It would look beautiful in any little (or big!) girls room. You can frame it and turn it into a beautiful piece of artwork as a gift or make it into a loving Valentine’s Day card.

Here are step-by-step instructions to make Valentine’s Kids Craft Hearts

What you need:

  • Red Paint (or any colour you like!)
  • Paint tray
  • Frame (optional)
  • White paper or card (size depends on the size of your frame, I used A5)
  • Scrap paper (A5 or A4)

  • Pencil with an unused eraser (or any item you have to make small dots like an adult or baby cotton buds, round wooden chopstick or even your baby finger!)
  • Scissors
  • Blu-Tack

Step 1: Take out your supplies

ActivityBox Valentines-Day Heart-Step 1

Step 2: Fold paper and draw “half” a heart

ActivityBox Valentines-Day-Heart-Step-2

Fold your scrap paper in half and draw half a heart shape against the fold. This will give you a perfect even heart shape! You can make the heart any size to fit your paper size, the bigger it is the less stamping you have to do!

Step 3: Cut out your heart

ActivityBox Valentines-Day-Heart-Step-3

Keep the paper folded and cut out your half heart shape along your pencil line. If you think it’s too big, just fold back in half and cut it a bit smaller

Step 4: Add some blu-tack to the back

ActivityBox Valentines-Day-Heart-Step-4

Put small amounts of Blu-Tack around the edges of the heart so the heart will stick down well. You don’t want any paint to creep under the edges of the heart otherwise, you won’t have a perfect heart shape!

Step 5: Stick down on your art paper

ActivityBox Valentines-Day-Heart-Step-5

Place the heart in the middle of your page. Now press down firmly on all the pieces of Blu-Tack. Make sure the heart is positioned exactly in the middle of your page!

Step 6: Prepare paint and start stamping

ActivityBox Valentines-Day-Heart-Step-6

Put a small amount of paint in a paint tray. Now for the fun part, let the stamping begin! Stamp dots all over the page. Make sure you stamp enough around the edges of the heart so it creates a nice defined heart shape. I purposely stamped onto the edges of my heart. Leave to dry.

Step 7: Peel off the heart shape

ActivityBox Valentines-Day-Heart-Step-7

When the paint is totally dry, carefully peel off the heart shape. Now use a piece of Blu-Tack to take off the pieces stuck to the page. And you’re done! Easy peasy!

Step 8: Cut along the lines and fold

ActivityBox Valentines-Day-kids craft Heart

Now trim the edges if necessary so it fits into your frame. (If the frame is too big you can create a border with a piece of paper that fits the frame. Stick your artwork onto the paper and then put into the frame.)  And there you have a heartfelt gift!

I hope you and your child enjoy doing this Valentine’s Kids Craft at home!

~ Happy Crafting and Happy Valentine’s Day!
Miss Julie


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