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Mandarin Orange Tree Art

With Chinese New Year approaching we love to see all the bright colours and decorations going up all over town.

My daughter particularly loves seeing the small Mandarin Orange trees with their red packets attached!

This Mandarin Orange Tree art is a fun art activity for kids of all ages to do during the Chinese New Year Holiday!

The words orange and tangerine sound like the words for luck and wealth in Chinese. Not to mention the orange or golden colour resembles gold or money. The trees often have hong bao or lai see packets hanging on them.

Add some colour to your home and help bring good fortune as well! Great idea for a special gift for friends and relatives.

Here are step-by-step instructions and a template you can download ([download id=”11158″]) to make your mandarin orange tree art even easier.

What you need:

  • White art paper, pompom, peg, small red packet (optional)
  • Orange paint, brown crayon
  • White glue or glue stick

  • Paintbrush, green paint or green crayon (all optional)
  • Tree template (optional) [download id=”11158″]

Step 1: Take out your supplies

Step 1: Take out Mandarin Orange Tree art supplies
  • Take out your supplies
  • Put orange paint in a paint tray and set aside
  • If painting leaves take out green paint and paintbrush, set aside
  • Draw the tree on the white paper or print out the template
Mandarin Orange Tree Art Draw the Tree

Step 2: Outline the Mandarin Orange tree branches

Step 2 Mandarin Orange Tree Art Trace the branches
  • Use your brown crayon to go over the tree trunk
  • Next outline the branches one by one
  • Toddlers will need help with the small branches
  • Praise them for doing such a great job!

Step 3: Do some pompom stamping!

Mandarin Orange Tree art Pinch pompom with peg
  • Place a pompom in the peg and show your child how to hold it
  • Guide their hand and dip the pompom into the paint and then stamp it down at the end of one of the branches
  • Let them stamp as many oranges on the tree as they like
Mandarin Orange Tree art stamp oranges

Step 4: Add leaves and red packet to your tree!

Step 4: Step 4: Mandarin Orange Tree paint green leaves
  • Now add the pot for your tree. Take the red packet and help your child put glue on the back.
  • Help them stick it onto the base of the tree. Or just draw and colour a pot shape!
  • Do you want to add green leaves? Use green crayon or green paint to add small leaves to the branches
  • While it dries count how many oranges you have on your tree (and on the ground)!

Your mandarin orange tree art is finished!

Mandarin Orange Tree art final

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Kung Hei Fat Choi!

~ Miss Julie