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Halloween Art for Kids Tinfoil Painting Video DIY

Halloween Art – Tinfoil Painting Video DIY

Hello moms and dads!

Around our house, Halloween is a fun time of year for both kids and parents. Its nice to transition from Summer into Fall as the temperature drops and the days begin to shorten. You get to decorate the house with pumpkins, witches, black cats and even a skeleton or two!

Making your own Halloween art decorations is a great way to spend some time together with your kids and add some unique seasonal art to your walls.

One of my favourite Halloween art activity for kids is to make tinfoil paintings of a Halloween night scene. Part of what makes it fun is that you start with a black paint canvas and use an earbud to create your scene by removing paint!

You get to make your canvas, create your Halloween art and then hang it up for all to see during the Halloween season. Look at how much fun she is having in the video!

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Let’s get started making your Halloween Tinfoil Painting!

Halloween Art Tinfoil Painting

Start to finish time: 60 minutes

Prep time: 10 minutes / Total time: 30 minutes + drying time

What you need:

  • Black paint
  • Paint roller or paintbrush
  • Ear buds
  • Cardboard or chopping board

  • Tinfoil
  • Newspaper
  • Plastic container for paint roller

Step 1: Make your canvas

  • Cover a board or A4 size cardboard with tinfoil to make your canvas
  • Overlap the tinfoil on each side by about 4cm
  • Smooth out the tinfoil so your paint will go on evenly
Halloween art tinfoil painting step 1

You can use a cutting  board or cut out a piece of cardboard from a cereal box. Its important to make the tinfoil larger than the cardboard so you can paint all the way to the edge. When you wrap the foil around your board keep it tight around the edges and smooth the surface with your hand or a cloth.

Step 2: Cover your canvas with paint

  • Pour the paint into your tray
  • Put the roller into the paint and gently roll back and forth to cover the roller
  • If you don’t have a roller, use a paintbrush
  • (FYI We include the roller in our Halloween Theme ActivityBox)
Halloween art tinfoil painting step 2

You want to cover the entire canvas with paint. Try to keep the paint even and smooth if you can. Make sure to paint all the way to the edges! Start your Halloween art drawing as soon as you are done painting so it doesn’t dry out.

Step 3: Draw your night scene

  • Draw your picture using an ear bud
  • If you make a mistake, just roll over it and start again!
  • When your picture is done let it dry completely
Halloween art tinfoil painting step 3

The ear bud removes the paint so the silver tinfoil shows through. Make a mistake or change your mind? No problem! Just paint over and start again. What will you include in your Halloween art night scene? How about a cat and the moon? Or maybe a skeleton and a witch!

Step 4: Complete your Halloween art painting

  • Carefully take your tinfoil off the board
  • Lay it flat and smooth out any creases
  • Fold the edges in to make a silver foil “frame” for your picture
Halloween art tinfoil painting step 4

When you take the foil off the board use a damp cloth to wipe any stray paint and smooth the tinfoil. For a straight edge on your painting wipe along the edge of a ruler.

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~ Miss Julie