3 Easy Christmas Snacks for Kids

3 Easy Christmas Snacks for Kids – hold the sweets

Now that you have your easy Christmas arts & crafts ready for the weekend, you will need some easy Christmas snacks for kids to munch on!

Kids will be tempted with sugary treats everywhere they look, and it’s hard to deny your little one Christmas cookies and sweets.

Which is why it’s a great idea to have some healthy and fun holiday-themed options, geared especially towards them.

Little ones love faces, animals and caricatures made from food, so this is a great time to focus on the holiday with Santa, his reindeer and candy canes.

I’ll bet you’ll enjoy these healthy treats too. The holidays have this magical way of bringing out the child in all of us!

Here are 3 Easy Christmas crafts for kids

Don’t miss out on making memories in the kitchen this year!

Santa Snack

Take out the ingredients: banana, strawberries, marshmallow, cocktail sticks or toothpicks. Slice the banana in 2cm pieces and the strawberry in a triangle shape. For the face you can use chocolate chips or raisins, cranberries and add some marshmallow for the beard if you want to add a sweet treat.

Take a toothpick and help your child slide on the banana (and marshmallow if you want). Next show them how to thread the strawberry on the toothpick for the hat. Finally, add a small piece of marshmallow or banana on the top to complete the hat.

Now let’s add Santa’s face! Gently push raisins or chocolate chips into the banana for the eyes. Use a red sweet or dried cranberry for his mouth.

What about Mrs. Clause? Make as many Santa’s as you want! Make some tall and some short!

Yummy let’s eat! (Just be careful with the toothpick!)

Fruit Candy Cane

Your kids can join in and make this a fun game as well!

Draw a candy cane shape onto a paper plate with sections for each piece of fruit. Cut up your strawberries and banana pieces. Try and shape the fruit pieces to make the curve of the candy cane! Place into separate bowls.

Show your child the plate with the candy cane outline. Explain how the fruit pieces should be placed in alternating spaces to make a pattern of white, red, white, red. Start with a few pieces so they can see the pattern.

Let your child try it themselves. Gently prompt or correct as needed.

Once the candy cane is complete you can eat it or make a new one! Repeat as long as they are enjoying the activity

Rudolph Sandwich

Rudolph the Red Nosed … sandwich?

Let your child help or make it a surprise for them. You can make your Rudolph face from different ingredients depending on whether you want it sweet or savory. Take out your bread, peanut butter, pretzels, raisins and baby tomatoes. For a sweet sandwich replace the peanut butter with jam.

Cut your bread into a triangle. Spread the peanut butter all the way to the edge of the bread. If you are making it as a surprise, add the other ingredients.

If you are making it together ask: “Which reindeer has a red nose?” Rudolph of course!

Show your child the ingredients and ask what parts of Rudolph’s face they could be for? The raisins (eyes), the baby tomato half (red nose), pretzels (antlers).

Place a raisin in two spots to make the eyes. Place the tomato for his nose. Take two pretzels and let your child bite a piece off each one. Place a piece at each corner of the bread for the antlers

Sing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer as you enjoy your sandwich.