3 Easy Christmas Games for Kids

3 Easy Christmas games for kids to do at home

Now that you have your kids busy with easy Christmas arts & crafts and tummies are filled with healthy and easy Christmas snacks, you are ready for some fun Christmas games!

We’ve made our list and checked it twice! Let’s put on some Christmas music and play reindeer games.

If you are looking for some quiet time complete a maze to help Santa find presents and Frosty find his candy cane.

Ever wonder how a Christmas tree drinks water? Find out with a fun science game.

Get active with magic rings! Stack them, toss them and then hang them on the tree!

Here are 3 Easy Christmas games for kids

These easy Christmas games are easy to do and use materials you should have around the house.


Can you help Santa deliver his presents and Frosty find his candy cane?

Click to download the Santa and Frosty mazes and print them out. Take out a pencil and eraser.

Let’s do the Santa maze first. Explain that they have to find a hidden path for Santa to follow so he can deliver the children their presents.

Use your finger to show them how to start at the top and wind their way through the maze. Explain that they can’t cross over the lines. So if they come to a stop, they need to “turn around” and go back the way they came. And then choose a new path to follow.

Next help Frosty find his candy cane! Colour it in when you are done.

Capillary Christmas tree

How do you think a Christmas tree (and other trees, plants and flowers) get water to drink?

The water somehow has to move from the roots up to the rest of the tree. Let’s try an experiment using paper towels to find out what is going on.

Take out 3 clear cups, paper towels, pencil, scissors and food colouring.

Take 2 paper towels and fold them in half. At the fold draw an outline of half a Christmas tree and cut out. Next, fill 2 cups 2/3 full with water. Add yellow food colouring to 1 cup and blue to the other. Place the empty cup between them.

Stick 1 “tree trunk” into the blue water and the tip of the “tree” into the empty cup. Stick the other tree trunk in the yellow cup.

You will immediately see the water moving up each paper tree. And after about 15 minutes you will see that the empty cup is starting to fill with water!

How does this happen? The water is being absorbed, or soaked up, by the paper towel through a process called capillary action.

This is the same way Christmas trees (and other plants) soak up water from the ground!

After a few hours (or leave overnight for best results) the middle cup fills up with water until the water levels of all the cups are equal (the empty cup is now “full”).

For fun put a 3rd paper towel Christmas tree in the middle cup and watch it turn green!

When you are done, take out the trees carefully and lay them flat to dry.

Look at your colourful trees!

Magic Rings

You can have so much fun with pipe cleaners.

First bend your pipe cleaners into rings of equal size and twist the ends together so there are no sharp points. Look around the house to see what items you can use to stack the rings on.

Try plastic water bottles or empty paper towel rolls. Stack the rings on the bottle. Then carefully take them off. Can you do it without knocking over the bottle?

Can you toss the ring on the towel roll? Start close and take a step back each time you get one on. How far can you go?

Can you put your hand through the rings? Take a walk around the house and see what else you can stack the rings on.

What about a doorknob?

And don’t forget a Christmas tree branch!