Learn Creative Thinking the Fun Way

ActivityBox delivers a creative development program that nurtures and develops children's core creative thinking skills over a 6-Month do-at-home course

Learn Creative Thinking the Fun Way

ActivityBox delivers a creative development program that nurtures and develops children's core creative thinking skills over a 6-Month do-at-home course

We help your children become a Creator and have a ton of fun while doing it!

Opening your first ActivityBox

Develop Your Child’s Creative Thinking Skills in 3 Easy Steps

1. Choose Your Plan

Enjoy the Creative Thinking Program at your own pace. Choose a Monthly, 3-Month, or 6-Month plan. Pause or cancel at any time.

2. Delivered Monthly

New themes and activities are delivered straight to your door. Anticipate the surprise of a new fun-filled ActivityBox every month.

3. Explore and Create

Spend quality time with your child exploring new ideas, solving problems, and developing their creative thinking skills.

Creativity is the Future

In a future of automation and uncertainty, we believe the best skill you can give your children is the ability to think creatively.

Creative Thinking is the Future Graphic




Discover the World Around You

Dive into a new theme each month, uncovering fresh ideas, unique materials, and inventive tool uses. This exploration broadens knowledge and deepens understanding, laying the groundwork for advanced creative thinking and problem-solving.

Create and Innovate 

In the Make phase, ideas transform into reality. Working together, use the materials and insights from the Discover phase to craft tangible projects. This hands-on experience bolsters learning, encourages experimentation, and sharpens problem-solving skills.  

Engage and Grow Through Play

Structured play sessions enable children to apply and expand upon what they’ve learned. Through role-playing, problem-solving, and making new connections, children practice new skills and enhance their adaptability and creative thinking.

A Program That Builds the Foundation for Creative Thinking

We understand that each child is unique, which is why our approach caters to different ages and stages of development.

Whether you have a 4-year-old with endless curiosity, a 8-year-old bursting with imagination, or your child is somewhere in between, our program offers the perfect blend of support and stimulation.

Mastering Tools

Mastering Tools

Mastering tools is a pivotal first step in the journey of creativity.

Devleoping Core Skills

Developing Skills

Developing core skills is essential for creative thinking and problem-solving.


Solving Problems

Challenging children to think outside the box encourages innovative solutions.


Creating Ideas

Making connections between seemingly unrelated concepts unlocks a world of innovation.

Something New and Different Every Month

Every box is a surprise! Each box comes with a different theme – from Pirates to Pets, Dinosaurs to Space, and more. Each concept is sure to captivate and activate your children’s imaginations and help them learn creative thinking the fun way.


Restaurant Activitybox Cover Illustration

Prepare food like a chef and open your own restaurant!

Look Inside


Pirate ActivityBox

Design and build a pirate world and set sail on the high-seas!

Look Inside


Pets ActivityBox

Create one-of-a-kind pets that you can care for and play with!

Look Inside


Beach ActivityBox

Make everything you need for a fun day at the beach!

Look Inside


Dinosaur ActivityBox

Explore a pre-historic world of mighty dinosaurs!

Look Inside


Space ActivityBox

Journey beyond the stars and embark on an alien space adventure!

Look Inside

Everything you need is included

Every box includes four hands-on projects based on a new theme that will delight and inspire children. No fuss, no extra work, no extra costs — all the materials, guidance, and “graduation certificates” needed for each project are inside the box!

Always Something Different In Every Box

Spectacular Activities

All materials your children need to start immediately learning creative thinking the fun way!

Comprehensive Parents’ Guide

Use this guide to steer your children through the creative thinking course.

Instruction Booklets

Illustrated, step-by-step guides for each hands-on project help your children get started right away.

Fun “Graduation” Certificate

Celebrate your children’s achievement in a fun way.

Flexible Plans to Fit Your Schedule

Featured Theme

Ahoy, Young Pirate! Let’s start your adventure on the high seas!

What Parents Are Saying

ActivityBox helped grow & develop creativity in my sons. So much better than the random painting and drawing that we did so often. Thank you!

Diana G.

The convenience of everything together and ready to go made easy to get started. Such a time saver!

Tanya C.

Loving ActivityBox! I was a kiwico subscriber but prefer to support a local Hong Kong business.

Anjali D.

We are a “reduced waste” family and I thank you for eco friendly matatierals and packaging. Love the invisible bag!

Mary S.

The kids love it and gives us a nice break from the routine. Great way for us all to spend time together away from screens!

Richard W.

Join the Creative Thinkers



Frequently Asked Questions

ActivityBox stands out by offering a comprehensive creative development program. Unlike others that might focus on one-off projects, our program is designed by educators to foster holistic growth in creativity, problem-solving, and core development for children ages 4 – 8. Plus, our eco-friendly materials and parent-child bonding activities set us apart.

Absolutely! We offer a flexible month-by-month plan that lets you explore our unique activities without a long-term commitment. It’s a great way to discover the joy and educational value of ActivityBox firsthand.

Each activity is meticulously chosen to align with our core areas of focus: creativity, problem-solving, motor skills, and cognitive development. They are age-appropriate, engaging, and designed to progressively build your child’s skills over time.

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