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Blot art activity for kids and toddlers

What can your child create from drops of paint? A paint blot art activity is about as simple as it gets and the great thing is that the entire family can get involved. If you can blot on paint and fold a piece of paper, you have

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Squeeze squish squash! Balloon sensory activity for toddlers

Squeeze it, squish it, squash it! … Your child will love this fun balloon sensory activity (and you can use it as a stress ball at the end of a tough day!) Babies brains are designed to take in information from day 1. And for children age

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Weather Sensory Bottles

Toddler Sensory bottles sun-and-clouds

Let’s make weather in a bottle! Looking for a fun activity this that allows your toddler to use their senses to and explore the world around them? Make weather sensory bottles! So what are sensory bottles? Sensory bottles go by many names… sensory bottles, discovery bottles, sensory

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Benefits of Dramatic Pretend Play for Childhood Development

Kids pretend play shop-keeper

The Benefits of Dramatic Pretend Play for Childhood Development Hi Everyone! Welcome to the first Educational Tuesday Tip of 2015! Each Tuesday we will provide information and insight on early childhood education with ideas and activities you can try at home with your child. This week: Dramatic

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