Themed boxes of arts & crafts and science projects for kids delivered monthly

A monthly box of crafts & activities for kids

All the ideas, instructions and materials you need for your kids to do creative hands-on activities at home

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Quick and easy homemade Valentines cards any kid can make! Watch the 1-minute video

Want to keep little hands busy and little minds active at home?

Get the Toddler Box!

Arts & Crafts and Games for ages 1½ - 3

Want inspired ideas for 1-on-1 time with your kids at home?

Get the Kid Box! !

Arts & Crafts, Games and Science
for ages 3 - 6


More fun for the kids, less work for you!

More fun for the kids, less work for you! Activity Box is a brilliant service founded in Hong Kong that creates engaging, inspirational and easy-to-use activity packs for kids, and delivers them to your door every month in Hong Kong, Singapore and across Asia!


Totally foolproof for all parents

The kits contain clear and concise instructions to enable you to create a variety of games, crafts and activities, along with clearly labelled and individually packaged materials. Totally foolproof, and perfect for parents like me, who suffer from little-to-no inspiration when it comes to planning art activities ...


Makes your life easier!

Each box has an adorable theme, such as Dinosaurs and Birds, or Little Prince and Princess, and each includes monthly supplies, clear instructions, a planner and bonus tips for using the resources. For the teeny-tinies, a dedicated toddler box is available... and they will make your life a whole lot easier as you’ll always have tons of distractions on tap for your rugrats! Hands up who’s the most organised mama in town…


Educational activities to entertain your kids

If you’re looking for fun, educational activities to entertain your kids, but are tired of spending time and money trekking all over town for supplies, then you’ll be glad to know that the ActivityBox team designs creative hands-on activities that you and your helper can do at home with your child.


Promotes learning through play

... [Activity Box] provides monthly activity packs for children aged two to six. The aim is for parents and helpers to educate their children through play. The activities help develop core learning skills through arts and crafts, songs, games and science. Children learn through play and I’m very happy that Activity promotes that as well as parent/child interaction.


Great for creative activities at home

The packs are great for people who want to do creative activities with their kids at home but aren’t quite sure where to start (like me). I think they would also offer peace of mind to working parents, knowing that their nanny/helper has a great box of tricks to use with the kids.