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Spending quality time with your kids at home doing hands-on activities is a great way to strengthen your bond and develop their core learning skills.

But planning and preparing kids activities is difficult and stressful. You can spend hours and hours searching for ideas, then run all over town trying to find the materials, and still have to get everything setup and ready to use. Hopefully you haven't forgotten anything!

With ActivityBox it's easy to have fun at home

Always have fun hands-on activities at your fingertips. ActivityBox sends you a monthly box of art, crafts, games and science activities with step-by-step instructions and pre-packaged materials ready to use straight out of the box.

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What's inside ActivityBox
If you’re looking for fun, educational activities to entertain your kids, but are tired of spending time and money trekking all over town for supplies, then you’ll be glad to know that the ActivityBox team designs creative hands-on activities that you and your helper can do at home with your child.
- Playtimes Magazine

How ActivityBox Works

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What's inside ActivityBox
2Follow the easy to read step-by-step instructions
What's inside ActivityBox
3Make, create and explore together with your kids!

Why Choose ActivityBox?

Your time is valuable

You are busy and pressed for time, so when you have the chance to spend quality time with your child, make that time count.

We make it easy for you

We research and test every activity, providing you step-by-step instructions and quality materials that really work!

Your child's development

Doing hands-on activities with your child promotes their physical, emotional and psychological development.

Free delivery to your door

You save time and money. Why run all over town to find activities to do with your kids? Get activities delivered your door.

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