Themed boxes of arts & crafts and science projects for kids delivered monthly

What you get!


Halloween Boxes available now!

Instructions and materials for 3 hands-on projects:

  • Create colourful monster friends
  • Make a 3D Jack-o’-lantern to decorate your house
  • Build and play a ghost toss game

Includes a 12-page Kid or Toddler magazine that extends the fun, creativity and learning. Halloween jokes and fun facts, mazes to solve, decode a message or connect the shapes, count the bats and make a friendly skeleton!

Why do you need ActivityBox?

  • You’ll always be prepared with fun activities to do with your child at home
  • You get to strengthen your parent-child bond spending qualtity 1-on-1 time together
  • Saves you time and money – why search for supplies and ideas, we do it for you!
  • You’re always prepared for weekends / rainy days / holidays / sick days / play dates

The Toddler Box for age 2-4
perfect for pre-school kids

  • Helps prepare them for school by developing their fine motor skills
  • Encourages them to concentrate on a task and complete it
  • Have fun discovering and exploring new materials, sensations and experiences

The Kid Box for age 5-8
perfect for primary school kids

  • Keep kids entertained and away from the iPad and TV
  • Create a passion for creative thinking and expression
  • Learn important communication and relationship skills

How It Works


2A box of fresh fun arrives at your door each month.


3Make, create and play with your kids at home!
If you’re looking for fun, educational activities to entertain your kids, but are tired of spending time and money trekking all over town for supplies, then you’ll be glad to know that the ActivityBox team designs creative hands-on activities that you can do at home with your child.

– Playtimes Magazine

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