Baby and toddler learning at home for busy moms


Imagine if there was a convenient, cost effective and fun way to teach baby and toddler learning at home.

  • No more spending time and money taking your child to play school
  • No more hassle searching the Internet or local shops for fun educational activities
  • No more worrying about your child’s developmental progress

Now there is!

Your Activity-Box is delivered direct to your door. It contains everything you need to to teach your baby or toddler developmentally appropriate skills and prepare them for preschool. All this can be done in the convenience of your own home.

We offer curriculum kits which allow them to learn, discover and explore through theme-based activities. These fun activities focus on four important areas, namely: literacy skills, numeracy skills, music and movement activities and motor skills.

Activities can be taught by you, your helper or husband; at home, in a park, at a doctors office or on a plane; individually or as part of a play-date or play-group with your friends.

New lesson plans, activities and toys are automatically sent to you each month. As your child develops throughout the year we provide lessons and activities that grow along with them.

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~ Julie