Let’s Make a Chocolate Bar Craft

Let’s Make a Chocolate Bar Craft

We all worry that our kids may be eating too much candy and chocolate.

But they love it so much!

Here’s a fun way to enjoy a chocolate bar without all the sugar! Make a pretend chocolate bar!

What are the main parts of a chocolate bar and what is the experience like for the kids?

  1. You have the wrapper with the name on it – Cadbury’s, Nestle or Hershey’s.
  2. Opening the paper reveals the next layer! The tinfoil that protects the chocolate bar and can be carefully opened or ripped off.
  3. Tearing the tinfoil reveals the chocolate bar underneath!

We can replicate all of these with arts and craft supplies and a little ingenuity and imagination!

So Let’s make a chocolate bar!

What you need:

  • Paintbrush, marker, crayons
  • Brown paint
  • Double-sided tape, Blu-Tack

  • Scissors
  • Tinfoil and white paper

Step 1: Take out your supplies

  • Take paintbrush, marker, crayons, scissors, double-sided tape, Blu-Tack, tinfoil and white paper.
  • Take out brown paint or mix colours to make brown
  • Cut 2 Pieces of cardboard from a cereal box or shoe box.

Step 2: Make the chocolate bar

  • Stick the cardboard pieces together with double sided tape
  • Now draw lines on the top in black marker to look like the pieces of chocolate bar
  • Paint over the card
  • Let dry

Step 3: Design your chocolate bar wrapper!

  • What kind of chocolate is it? Hershey’s, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk?
  • The wrapper needs to fit around your chocolate bar, so measure the length and width and cut the paper to the appropriate size
  • Write the name and let your child colour in with crayons or markers

Step 4: Wrap up your chocolate bar!

  • Now cut a piece of tinfoil larger than the paper
  • Place the chocolate bar face down in the middle of the tinfoil and help your child wrap their bar in foil.
  • Finally, fold the paper wrapper around the foil and close with Blu-Tack for easy opening and closing.
  • Now let’s play! Have fun opening the wrapper and peeling off all or part of the foil.