Easy Chinese New Year Rooster Crafts

ActivityBox Rooster Craft-cover

Chinese New Year Rooster Craft!

One of my new year’s resolutions is to get even more into the spirit of all the holidays this year by decorating my house starting with Chinese New Year Rooster Crafts!

We love doing arts and crafts in our house, especially on weekends after a busy week. We were so happy with how this Chinese New Year Rooster Crafts came out we shared it our friends at Sassy Mama.

We’ve already painted and framed a colourful rooster from the AcitivityBox Year of the Rooster ActivityBox, so I wanted to make a 3D rooster we could add to our list of Chinese New Year decorations.

This one can be made from any piece of A4 paper and then you can just add any colours you like.

Here are step-by-step instructions:

What you need:

  • A4 size paper to use as the base colour for your rooster (any colour you like!)
  • A small piece of red and orange paper. Other colours are optional.
  • Crayons if you want to colour it in instead of sticking on colour paper.

  • Ruler
  • Pencil (and eraser if you have difficulty drawing like me!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick (only if you sticking things down)
  • Stapler
  • Googly eyes (optional)


Step 1: Take out your supplies

ActivityBox Rooster Craft- Step-1-Rooster

Step 2: Fold paper

ActivityBox Rooster Craft-Step-2-Rooster

Position your paper so it is landscape. Fold the top over so you have a long rectangle. Easy peasy! Keep the fold at the top.

Step 3: Draw your rooster body

ActivityBox Rooster Craft-Step-3-Rooster

Now for the tricky part, (for me at least!) on the left-hand side, draw a rooster head & body outline in pencil. I drew a fat skittle shape and included the beak, eye and wattle. That’s the red, floppy part found under the beak. Who knows that? I didn’t!

Step 4: Draw the rooster beak and cockscomb

ActivityBox Rooster Craft-Step-4-Rooster

Fold the orange and red paper in half so when you draw your shapes you get 2 and then you only need to cut out once.  On the orange, paper draw a diamond-shaped beak. I made it about the same size that I drew on my rooster outline. On the red paper draw a cockscomb shape to fit on top of the head and the wattle shape. (I drew just a teardrop shape to fit under the beak).  Cut them out.

Step 5: Stick them on your rooster body

ActivityBox Rooster Craft-Step-5-Rooster

Stick on the cockscomb so it overlaps the top of the head. If decorating both sides of the rooster, stick the other one on the back of it. Repeat with the beak, wattle & eye. (Or draw a little eye.)

Step 6: Draw horizotal lines across body

ActivityBox Rooster Craft-Step-7-Rooster

Draw a horizontal line about 3cm from the bottom of the page, starting from the rooster body. Now draw lines diagonally, from left to right, from the top of the page. Make them about 1 cm wide.

Step 7: Decorate your tail feathers

ActivityBox Rooster Craft-Step-8-Rooster

These will be the tail feathers so decorate as you wish, stick on paper strips or colour them different colours. (You can decorate just one side or both.)

Step 8: Cut along the lines and fold

ActivityBox Rooster Craft-Step-9-Rooster

Cut along the lines from the top fold to the bottom pencil line. Fold the paper into a T-shape. Make the fold line up with the bottom pencil line. Once you have your T-shape the bottom edges should line up perfectly.

Step 9: Finish your Chinese New Year Rooster Crafts

ActivityBox Rooster Craft-Step-10-Rooster

Bend the rooster body over so the bottom of the rooster joins the T-bar and place one part on each side of the bar. Staple or glue the bottom of the body to the T-bar. Carefully cut out part of the body shape. You don’t have to but it looks better. Glue the head, beak and any loose parts together.

Hang up or set on a table. Or put him in a pot plant! Cock-a-doodle-doo!

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